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In 1989, there were 62 speakers left, the lenin martin english grammar book pdf born in 1938. Votic is one of numerous Finnic varieties known from Ingria, and generally considered the oldest of these.

Votic evolved specifically from northeastern dialects of ancient Estonian. Votic was distinct from other Finnic languages, such as Finnish and Estonian, as early as the 6th century AD and has evolved independently ever since. This was a relatively late innovation, not found in Kreevin Votic or Kukkuzi Votic. Estonia and to Finland under the Nazi government, and the Stalinist policy of “dispersion” immediately after the war against the families whose members had been sent to Finland under the Nazi government. But they continued to use the language at home and when talking to family members and relatives.

After the death of Stalin, the Votes were no longer mistreated and many of those who had been sent away returned to their villages. But the language had considerably declined and the number of bilingual speakers increased. Because Votic was stigmatised as a language of “uneducated villagers”, Votic speakers avoided using it in public and Votic children were discouraged from using it even at home because, in the opinion of some local school teachers, it prevented them from learning to speak and write in Russian properly. Thus, in the second half of the 20th century there emerged a generation of young ethnic Votes whose first language was Russian and who understood Votic but were unable to speak it. Of these, only the Lower Luga dialect is still spoken.

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Kreevin speakers are from 1846. A fourth dialect of Votic has often been claimed as well: the traditional language variety of the village of Kukkuzi. In linguistic works, one may find different transcriptions of Votic. The representation of central vowels varies. Votic has 10 vowels, which are loosely represented by the following chart. Votic also has a large inventory of diphthongs.

In other environments they are almost entirely found in loanwords, primarily from Russian. Nearly all Votic consonants may occur as geminates. Estonian and Finnish, in which they are approximants. Voicing is not contrastive word-finally. Votic retained its Finnic characteristics.